Friday, September 18, 2009

painting rainbows

So, I thought I'd start a blog... I have always been quite nervous about making my thoughts so public, but have decided I'll ease into it for a while and see how I go. It might be nice to have my thoughts written in one place, Currently my thoughts are written on little scraps of paper all over my office and bedroom, in the margins of books I'm reading or in a dozen half finished notebooks and journals. It's time to consolidate.

I just wrote this piece for a youth arts magazine I contribute to called Lowdown and thought I'd put it here too:

I always make my husband tell me a story about him and a friend from Kindergarten days. Every morning they would fill up cans of paint, run over to the Kindergarten cubby house and paint it an array of bright and fabulous colours. The next day they would return and the cubby would miraculously be back to its dull brown. “Great!” they would shout, “this means we get to paint it all over again!” I love the way he tells this story: with a continuing sense of awe at the “rainbow coloured paint” that the teachers allowed them to use for their task. It has only been since he has been older and reflected on these occasions that his adult logic has kicked in and explained away the magic: the cans must have been filled with water, not magical rainbow paint. But in his memory he sees the cubby in all of its fabulous multi coloured glory. I am so inspired by this story of imagination and wonder. 

I get concerned that in many settings we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to maintain a sense of wonder and open up a whole spectrum of creative responses to life’s twists and turns.  When I was in a creative development last weekend, walking around with a cardboard box on my head, (we were robots-of course) I was reminded once again not to take the rehearsal room for granted. I felt really lucky to be in a space with friends and colleagues, having a chance to wonder and explore. I hope that in the midst of the busyness of life, you get some time to play and imagine. Personally, I think it’s the best bit.


  1. I receive these "deep" e-mails from a particular source and only just begin to process them before I always make myself "move on" to more important things (others I know regard them as new-age mumbo-jumbo). I think your blog helped me understand yesterday's effort:

    "Appreciate mystery for its unknown depths of wonder. You don’t need to explain it, or reduce it to any cause. It’s neither a challenge, nor a lesson. It is just a pure experience of wonder. Enjoy experiences of mystery today; the mystery of love, the wonder of nature, the depths of self. Hold the experience for as long as you can without naming it or chasing explanations.

    Say to yourself: I am surrounded by wonder, inside and out. I am in awe of life."

  2. Your husband does have a gift, Sarah - just reading this makes me feel like a child, splashing things around all over the place!

    Also, I'm completely delighted that you've started a blog.

  3. I tend to agree with you love. There is so much expectation and pressure on so many of us, and seemingly less space with which to create and imagine freely. Unfortunately the 'crowded' curriculum in schools today leave even less space to do so. More paint and less assessment! From a tired teacher (tired of Brumby's Blueprints and Reforms...).

  4. Does this nameless husband of yours know that rainbows burst from him whenever he speaks enthusiastically - which, as we know, is a lot of the time!

    Isn't it great that we can continue to inspire each other through sharing our insights and ideas. Perhaps the reason we have such colourful friends is because we all forgot to grow up? How wonderful!