Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Many things confuse me in life, but my need for friendship has always been a given. And I'm incredibly lucky to have extraordinary people continually bounce into my life. Until recently, I have been terrified about the impending move away from my community of friends in Melbourne. But in the past few days I have started to get excited about moving to Kyneton (it's only one month away!). The "leaving Brunswick grief" is easing a bit and I have the "happy butterflies in pit of tummy" setting in. Today I am looking forward to:

1. having the space to host large dinners around our new table
2. time to sip tea in the sun on our new front porch with friends

Friends. They rock my world. Sometimes they even make me a musical documentary. Hilarious bliss.


  1. Please don't be terrified. Besides, you're not moving away from a community, just making it prettier. Love Philip

  2. Nicely said Philip. Yep, knowing you two, you are not leaving our community at all, just expanding it! I can't wait for visits to the farm xxx